We may only be small, but St Helena Island consists mainly of hills and valleys…and lots of them!  Transport is essential for getting around the Island and is a must if you want to explore everything we have to offer.
As a British territory, we drive on left-hand side of the road, however there are some unwritten rules and etiquette you should be aware of to ensure a smooth ride!
Check out our useful information section for these.

St Helena Island Car Hire

Hire Drives & Rental Cars

Since the increased numbers of visitors to the island, so has the number of Car Hire companies.  So whether you’re looking for a large 4 X 4 or a small economical car, you’ll have plenty of choice.  Check out our St Helena Island Hire Drive & Rental Options.

Car Hire St Helena Island

Taxi Services
The relatively recent introduction of mobile phones has allowed for the growth in some great taxi services for very reasonable fares.  Most companies run 24/7, so someone will always be on hand to take you to your destination.  Check out the available Taxi Services.




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