We’re the St Helena Island in the South Atlantic Ocean – not to be confused with the one in South Carolina.  Locals are known as ‘Saint Helenian’ (pronounced ‘hel-leenian‘) or ‘Saints’.

  English is the language spoken on the island, albeit slang and very fast (Saint Speak).

The currency is St Helenian Pounds or UK Stirling (GBP).  There are no cash machines on the Island and banking options are very limited so we suggest you take enough cash for your stay.

  Mobile phone services are relatively new on the Island.  There is only one service provider, Sure who offer Pay-As-You-Go sim cards should you need to purchase one.

  Wi-fi and internet is also relatively limited on the Island.  Some cafe’s and shops offer wi-fi hotspots, but again, a pre-paid card will need to be purchased from Sure to use this service.

  Flights to the Island are currently once weekly from Johannesburg.  Flight times are just over 6 hours when flying to the Island due to refuelling in Windhoek, and just over 4 hours when returning back to Jo’berg.

  We use the standard UK 3-pin power plug socket on the Island.  Johannesburg however uses a different rounded 3-pin plug.

  The weather is generally fair all year round, but can get quite hot (17 – 33 Celsius) during the summertime, November to February.  In the winter months (June – August) we can experience lots of rain.

  We drive on the left-hand side of the road and the rule when passing on the winding hillside roads is that vehicles travelling down a hill, should give way to those coming up.  You’ll also notice that everyone waves to everyone – whether you know them or not – we’re friendly like that!

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